Thursday, August 1, 2013

Me Time

Such a treat to take a little Me Time. As I prepared to walk out the door, I realized that my mind was battling with itself over the age old question. What should I do with a few hours of Me Time? Around here, the choices include Canada, the United States, the beach, a river, the park, the mountains. How about grocery shopping? Stop by the library? (I tried. They were closed.) And of course, the always tempting Starbucks.

So after a stop at Starbucks and a garage sale, I found my way to the beach.

Oh, what to do? I could work on my blog. I could read my Bible or a homeschooling book. Maybe write a letter, or work on the plan for the next school year. There are always things to organize, phone calls to make, even potential photos that are whispering my name.

Yet, there I sat.

And I did nothing.


I looked at the water and did nothing. I didn't puzzle anything out. I didn't plan anything. I didn't work. I didn't think. I didn't serve. I didn't do. I just sat.

And did nothing.

What a perfect gift.

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