Friday, May 31, 2013

A Story of Canada

It is time to begin telling the story of our sojourn to Canada. It is a story of God’s prompting, of opportunity, of risk, of sadness, and of joy. It is a step into a life that is completely foreign, and quite a bit frightening. It is about loneliness, and the hope that comes with knowing that we are not alone.

Back last November/December, we knew that there was a work opportunity for David in Canada, and we expressed an interest in going. I’m not sure why we were so quick to say that we would go. I think we thought it temporary. I think we thought it adventure. I think we just felt God’s prompting to go, without knowing why. Our expectation was to stay right where we were, comfy and at home in Colorado.

God blows away our expectations sometimes. He had been closing doors, making changes in our circumstances, and changing our hearts for about a year, without our awareness or request. He was moving, and we were attempting to do the next right thing. We didn’t know where the next right thing would lead, but we were focused on it. And it was a road that lead to Canada.

So off we set, on the adventure that would take us from all we know, from friends that are lifetime friends, and ones that we didn’t want to leave. From family. From our country. From much, but to much as well.

Recently, I lost sight of why we are here. I know David has a job to do. At this point, it is almost all-consuming. I know, however, that we are not here for David to do a job that his company requires. It is as I have told Jack, our middle son and college student ... vocation is just the thing that keeps us supplied as we live our lives to spread to Gospel of Yeshua. This time of David working under constant angst is just a second when compared to eternity, and is not our purpose here. I asked God for a glimpse of why we are here. He blessed with a few little windows that allow his purpose for us here to shine through.

First, the great blessing in seeing our youngest, Nathan, running down the road toward home, climbing "Mulch Mountain", running thru the pastures, and meeting himself and freedom in the open greenness that we are blessed to call home. This place offers so much to my Wild-at-Heart boy ... one reason we are here.

We’ve begun to join a little church body down the street on Sunday mornings. It is a traditional church in form, contemporary in “worship”, and true to the word of God. The movement from house church to a traditional body presents a struggle for me, as I so love the community that is formed in a home fellowship. I’m not much for speakers and passive participation. More about that topic on another day. But, we have seen Nathan grow excited at the prospect of kids everywhere. He needs children around. Then one morning, they made an announcement that a family needed help loading a moving truck.  We get to use our gifts here, too. We have talent in the area of moving, or at least lots of practice. And we love to serve others in that way. Of course, how could I doubt ... another reason we are here.

We've also seen such growth in Nathan through his interactions with our landlady. She is such a gift to Nathan, and I think he is a gift to her as well.

Simple reasons for simple people living a strange and simple life in Canada.

Regardless, El Roi sees, and knows the plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11). I am once again convinced.

So be it sojourn or long-term life change, we're here in Canada, eyes open, ears engaged, hearts at the ready, searching for the next right thing.


  1. Thanks Paula. Thinking of and praying for you three today!

  2. Wow! Finally someone who can put into words exactly how I have been feeling for the last nine months! We are on similar adventures, I think, and God obviously has special plans for both of us. I know how to pray for you - even when you tell me everything is "fine". I know it is fine by faith some days, and other days take more breathing.