Thursday, May 30, 2013


Walk. Think. Breathe.  Naming a blog is not an easy task. I've had several articles ready for publication for a while now, but I couldn't think of a theme. A way to group the thoughts together in a few words. A name.

A name is so important. If you're a Paolini fan of Inheritance fame, you know that knowing the name of a thing is to be able to control the thing. True? Maybe in the fantasy world. If you're a entrepreneur, appropriately naming your business may mean the difference between great success, and another failed attempt. If you're a parent, then you have known that gut-wrenching moment when you finally decide on a name for your child, and wonder how that name will define his or her life.

My name is Paula. Paula means ... "little". Hmmm. What do you do with a name that means "little"? Words like humility, simplicity, harmony, and quiet come to my mind. Those words have come to mean much in my life, and have come to define me. Don't misunderstand, I don't think of myself as these things, but I do look toward them frequently and hope to journey in their direction. Would I have been the same if my name had been Aidis, which means "battle-seasoned"? How would the definition of me have been different?

But the naming of a blog is much less life-altering. It is just a blog, right? So I took a walk, thought about what I should name my blog, then came home, took a deep breath, and began to search on the web for the various ideas that had come into my head. One after another, I found that my brilliance had been second to someone else's. After looking for the perfect name, I also had to add to the requirements. I needed the perfect name that no one else had ever thought of.

And then it came. Walk.Think.Breathe. It is what I'm about. Walking around in the beauty of creation at every opportunity (with my camera if at all possible). Thinking, thinking, dwelling inside my head for much of my day. And stopping to breathe, to be present in the moment, to put life in perspective.


Come join me in a journey through this time in this life. I hope you'll learn something here. I hope you will be prompted to take your own walks in whatever direction you find open doors. I hope you'll take time to think on the life journey that is yours, and ours together. And I hope you will remember to breathe. Walk.Think.Breathe. Thanks for coming along.

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