Wednesday, July 17, 2013

17 July ... eh?

How did it get to be half way through July? My Colorado-programmed body keeps waiting for the 90 degree temperatures, and keeps waiting, and keeps waiting. Then it will feel like summer. Incidentally, our pepper plants are waiting too! I wonder if I will keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting for snow in six months to mark the winter season, only to be drowning in the grey fall-ish (made me think of "small-ish" which made me think of Dr. Seuss - happy thoughts) rain of the pacific northwest. Will be strange come Christmas time. But ... certainly no complaints. The coolness of the days is such a blessing! I'm loving the fact that I'm still wearing sweaters inside the house. Perfect!

Meanwhile, the days pass so quickly. We've enjoyed a week of VBS, filled with exciting science experiments and great music (which we keep listening to day after day on the CD that was a gift at the end). I spent my days toting a puppy and trying to be the VBS photographer. In spite of our Shadow, I was able to get some pretty good shots. A great week.

And Shadow ... well, I didn't realize just how much a puppy can turn your world upside-down. We're beginning to settle now, and I'm getting about 6 hours of sleep at night. A major improvement. It is much like having a newborn. Okay, not really. But the sleeplessness isn't fun, regardless. No sleep makes for a VERY grumpy and unproductive me! Thus ... a rather silent blog, among other things.

Over the weekend, we ventured up into the mountains. It felt very much like home. Rocky. Lots of evergreen trees. No aspens, oh well. The river was much larger as well. We all needed a dose of the mountains.

This week, we've been going through the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills to determine whether or not I've been doing my job as Nathan's primary educator. He's a whiz! No issues with standardized testing here! We'll see in a few weeks when they return the scores just how many things I haven't gotten around to teaching him yet. Boulder Valley School District will be happy to receive the test scores and find that I'm still fulfilling my part of the bargain, since we are registered there until September.

That's the current update. Not exactly the kind of post I'm hoping to write on a regular basis, but an update for those who love us and like knowing what is going on. Happy Summer!

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