Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Guitar ... Why didn’t I learn to play when I was younger?

Sometimes I think about the things I regret. Honestly, not often. It just leads to this period of self-pity over things I can’t change. We really can’t go back and re-do life. I have to remind myself to stay focused on one of my favorite mantra's, “Do the Next Right Thing!”

But when it comes to the guitar, I do find myself pining away for the girl I meant to be, the one who could pick up a guitar and play. Just play. For me. For family. For gatherings of whomever, whenever. Just play. That girl may never exist. But then again, she might. You’re never too old to learn. That’s what they tell me. And here I am trying, once again, to learn something new and change myself to that girl I dream of being. The one who can play.

But alas, why didn’t I learn to play when I was younger? Seems like it would have been easier, although I’m not sure why. Maybe an attitude change is in order. Maybe it wouldn’t have been easier when I was younger. Maybe this is the perfect time to learn. YES! It is the perfect time to learn.

So instead of typing, which I won’t be able to do for a few weeks until the tips of my fingers get their feeling back, I’ll play.

Just play.

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