Monday, October 7, 2013

Elk Mountain ... So Glad We Found You!

It has been an interesting summer for us. Being in a new place, we have found nearly everything a challenge. And in the craziness of it all, we kept finding time short and energy even shorter when it came to getting out our hiking boots and taking them for a spin.

Strange for us. We LOVE to hike. Yet we went through the entire summer without a single trip to the woods, with the exception of drives here and there, and strolls through our local park.

Yesterday, it all changed. We have the hiking bug once again, after spending a lovely afternoon on Elk Mountain. We started out about 1:00, arrived an hour and a half later, hiked for a couple of hours, and headed home. All this with the fun of having our friend Wes join us for the adventure and act as tour guide. It was a refreshing afternoon of sunshine, exercise, trees, and fellowship.

A question that I've been pondering: Why is it that I so often don't make time for the very things that feed me and make me who I am? It just leads to the feeling that I can best describe as "homesickness." Not feeling homesick for a certain somewhere, or a certain someone. But instead, for a certain ... well, me. The one I know I am under all the other life stuff. Sometimes it is just hard to make time, and to use that time wisely.

I'm thinking that this leads to another post, titled something like this ... "Where I'm Wasting My Precious Time." Another day!

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