Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jack Came to Town, too!

As my parents' visit came to an end, we had a two week visit from our middlest son Jack to anticipate. Jack also was making his first pilgrimage to Canada, so we started the sightseeing once again. 

"Middlest?" you ask. Well, we have three sons ... an oldest, a youngest, and a middle-est!

Returning to Jack's visit. We roamed a little farther than we did with my parents, and spent a bit of time just being together at home. David was thrilled to have a gluten-eater in the house, which meant that he got to enjoy some old favorites like Chicken Enchiladas. He hasn't seen that on the table since Jack and our oldest, Austin, were home for the Christmas holidays last year. Oh the suffering!

It does a mother's heart such good to have the older ones home for a visit. They have their own lives now. All those years of trying to prepare them to be independent have paid off. But it does do this mother's heart a world of good to still be connected, even miles (or kilometers) ... states ... countries apart.

Enjoy these photos of our fun!

Yes, I was there ... but as usual, almost always behind the camera :-)

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