Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mom and Dad Came to Town!

It is time to do a little catching up! We've had a busy couple of months, filled with fun and beauty, seasoned with our share of stress and the annual summer depression (on my part). But fall is here! Cool nights mean more blankets and fires in the fireplace. The sun is setting earlier, so we are cozying up more in the evenings. And I finally have the desire to catch up on everything that I've allowed to pile up over the last couple of busy months.

So, without further ado ...

Mom and Dad came to town!

It has been a month an a half since they were here, but I still find myself smiling as I remember the days we explored together. Since they had never been to Canada, we had the fun of showing off our area of endless beauty for the first time. We walked the beach, drove up a cloud covered mountain (sorry for the fright, Mom), played along a glacial river, took a coastal drive and romped in the nearby parks. It was fun seeing our new place again through even newer eyes than our own.

Their visit overlapped a couple of days with our middlest son Jack's visit. I get such pleasure seeing how my children love my parents, and vice versa. It is a great gift that they have relationships all their own, outside of my relationships with each of them. I feel like a link between them without having the stress of managing that link. It just flows!

Thanks for coming, Mom and Dad! We treasure your visit.

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