Monday, June 17, 2013

Just What are Muckin’ Boots for?

Until a couple of months ago, I had never heard of Muckin’ Boots. Then, rather suddenly, the term “muckin’ boots” became a regular phrase in my daily vocabulary. 

“Don’t forget to put on your muckin’ boots!” 

“Wear your muckin’ boots today!” 

“Where did you put your muckin’ boots?” 

“Where are MY muckin’ boots?” 

“Why do you need two pairs of muckin’ boots?” 
(My personal favorite!)

*** By the way, for my grammar conscious friends. I just did a little searching as to whether it is "two pair" or "two pairs" and found that "two pairs" is actually grammatically correct. Whew! My college education at work! ***

In suburban Colorado, there absolutely was no need for muckin’ boots. And this suburbia mamma has spent very little time on a farm. Yet, here I am in Canada, living on a little farm, wearin' my muckin’ boots! I’m so thankful them! Live and learn.

Mine are blue paisley, by the way.

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