Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Of a boy, running ...

To watch the boy running free across the pasture ... down the street ... up the drive. Climbing. Exploring. Being a boy. I'm sorry, Austin and Jack, that I never made sure that you knew such freedom. At least not as a lifestyle. The transformation  I'm honored to witness as Nathan explores all that makes him a boy ... total awe. He is explorer, hunter, craftsman, thinker, dreamer, and simply in the throws of a joyful childhood experience.  And he's going it alone. It is the peril that faces an only child, although he's not actually one. But with his brothers grown and off at college, here he runs, mostly alone. 

Which brings me to our next thoughts. It is time for a puppy. A puppy. We have been waiting to get settled, and for Nathan to explore and learn from the books we gave him on having, raising and caring for a puppy. And now the time is near, so stay tuned. 

A cutie much like this one is probably in our future. Best friend, fellow explorer, hunting companion, destroyer (don’t think she’ll be much help in the area of crafting), napper and dreamer, and pal who is also in the throws of a joyful childhood experience. We’re almost ready for you!

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