Monday, June 24, 2013

Moving Toward Simplicity ... Again!

It has been almost three months. How did that happen? Three months ago, we moved to Canada. One room is mostly empty, another is full of boxes. The walls are still somewhat bare. Where have the last three months gone?

Three years is going to pass SO QUICKLY! We may be here longer, but for now it is a three year deal. Unless ... well, just unless life happens, which it tends to do. The question becomes one of priorities. Just how important is it to stop the living of each day that goes by to unpack a box containing stuff that you don’t miss, therefore probably don’t need.

Yes, the answer is to get rid of it! That’s an approach I can get behind. I’ve been thinking about the unpacking thing all wrong. So today, I begin. One of these boxes, or all of them, will become the “give away” box. Equal distribution of wealth (or junk, as it may be) to whoever has a need, or a want, or is in the habit of collecting stuff that someone else no longer wants. Whatever the motivation, time to downsize, again.

I’ve been stressing about filling all this space. This home is much larger than our little 700 sq ft apartment we moved from. “Stressing about filling”? What has happened to me? I think I’ve lost a little of me in the transfer. Time to relocate me, and put her into action.

So ... this has become about another one of my favorite mantras. “Sometimes more is just more.” Watch out honey! Baton down the hatches, or I may decide that they are an unnecessary source of added stress! And, truth be known, I love the empty room!

Three years IS going to pass by quickly. I don’t think I’ll waste it trying to integrate a bunch of stuff I’ve lived without for the last three months. Seems like a waste of time.

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